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Buried in movies? Create your very own "Redbox" at home!

April 8, 2019


When I married my husband over 20 years ago, I knew that his love of movies was part of the package.    I knew that our schedule would be impacted by new releases that he “needed” to see. I knew that our home would be full movies- first  VHS tapes and DVDs, and later Blu-ray discs.


Over the years he has organized and purged his collection. First he purged his VHS tapes and purchased the DVD equivalents of his favorites.   But despite being smaller in physical size, the DVDs still took up a serious amount of prime real estate in our humble home, a home that was now being filled with kid gear.   One day he came home with a file box for his DVDs. I swooned as he placed his DVDs in the numbered sleeves and then put the DVD cases in the attic for storage. His collection was now housed in a small, portable box.  I’m convinced I heard angelic “ah’s” coming from the box. It was a beautiful thing.  (Yes, folks, these are the things that excites a professional organizer!)



This system worked well for him. He periodically would re-alphabetize his discs and had a spreadsheet that he printed that he used as an index. As long as the kids didn’t disturb the system, he could find what he needed whenever he wanted it.


Recently, he has upgraded his system and I’m so excited to share it with you because he has now implemented a system that makes us now have our own “Redbox” at home. I love how the kids and I now can easily access his movies.


Using an app he found called “My Movies”, he logged our entire collection of videos. We can scroll through our collection using filters like genre or parental rating. When we find a movie we want, we click on it to reveal which number file the DVD is housed in. We go the the box, find the number and “POOF!”, we have a movie to enjoy. If we lend the movie to someone, we can mark it as “checked out” and record who borrowed it so we can later track it down. This system has helped us to rediscover what we own, introduce the kids to some classics, and save us from some trips to Redbox.




Here is what the app looks like when opened on my phone:





You can find information on the My Movies App here.  It’s free for up to 50 titles or $5.99 for unlimited.   I'm not getting paid to recommend this app, I just love it and want you to also enjoy organized movies!  In my opinion, if you have a movie lover in your house, it is worth every penny!


Happy Organizing!





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