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"They expect me to feed them again?"

February 14, 2018






There have been many times that as a mother of four I have had this thought.  "Didn't I just make dinner last night?"  


I've tried many methods for organizing our meals.  I've done theme nights that I repeat each week to take the "thinking" out of the planning.  Monday is "Mexican Night" Tuesday is "Pasta Night", etc.  This helps me narrow down a plan to easily execute weeknight meals.  I've done make ahead meal exchanged with friends.  I've made meal plans that rotate each week.  All of these methods have worked.  For a time.


But recently my friend Gretchen told me her secret.  A website called PlantoEat.com     Since they offer a 30 day trial, I decided to give it a try.


Wow.  I am blown away.   


Let me backtrack.  I love the idea of making nice meals.  I love the idea of trying new recipes.  And I'm an avid Pinterest recipe collector.  It's easy, you just press a button, and "poof" you have a new recipe you could try.


But the recipes often just sit there on the cloud.  Because it is the next few steps that overwhelms me....

1.  First I have to scroll past all that narrative backstory on the recipes. (Do people really read these? Or am I just impatient?)

2.  Then I need make a grocery list.

3.  Next, I've gotta check to see what ingredients I already have.

4.  And finally, the worst step:  Grocery shopping.    Despite my attempts to make grocery lists organized by aisle, I get my steps in for the day just running back and forth between the aisles.


Sound familiar?


So what makes Plan to Eat different?


With Plan to Eat, you can search the internet for recipes and click a button and the recipe is imported (not the backstory! ;) ).  Then you drag your chosen meals to your planning calendar.    You can also add your own recipes manually---even simple things like grilled cheese and soup!  


Then, this is the most awesome part.... you press you the "shop" button and a grocery list is created --with check boxes, who doesn't love check boxes?   You can mark off what you already have and print your list!  And have the list organized by the aisles of your favorite grocery store.  And you can go to the store--- or give the list to your hubby ;) 


Making a meal plan has never been so easy!  There are still other features I need to explore---like sharing recipes with friends, or trying recipes and cooking challenges they have on their site.   


So go ahead, give it a try!  Let me know what you think!  



Just click here to get started!



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