Minimizing your Clutter and Maximizing your Space!


Tidy Closet

Connecting you to donation centers in your community.


Neat Storage Boxes

Streamlining your paperwork.


Man at His Desk

It could start with a small pile of mail. Before you know it, everywhere you look, there are piles of paper. The paper monster has taken over.

Or perhaps you never found the perfect place for those new Christmas toys. Before you know it the birthday toys start to pour in, and your beautiful living room floor can no longer be seen.

If this sounds familiar, you probably feel overwhelmed and stressed by your home. Fortunately, Set Me Free! can help. Set Me Free! offers one-on-one organizational coaching to help you transform your house into an efficient home.

Making your home organizationally efficient can be overwhelming. With your organizational coach by your side, you will get yourself organized faster and more efficiently. Your professional organizer will teach you how to tackle the project, how to decide what to keep in the space, and how to organize what remains. Set Me Free! will cater to your needs and personality to create systems that work for you!