• Colleen Lamb McDonnell

Still have 2020 vision on your vision for 2020?

As January draws to a close, its a good time to reflect on your goals for the year, and assess whether they are still in focus.

Are you making steps to your goals? Or have you confronted some unexpected obstacles? Are your now realizing that your goals weren't specific enough? Perhaps your goal was too vague such as "to be healthier". How do you know when you have achieved that?

If you aren't liking where your 2020 goals are headed, take time time to evaluate how SMART your goals are?

Specific: Is your goal clear and simple?.

Measurable: Is your goal measurable and meaningful?

Achievable: Is your goal attainable?

Relevant: Is your goal worthwhile?

Time bound: Does your goal have a target date?

After you have determined that your goals meet the SMART criteria, keep your goals in focus. I like to use my Habit Tracker to list daily and weekly goals that help me achieve my larger goals. For example, last year I had weekly goals of meal planning and preparation and daily goals for exercise. At the end of each week, I evaluated my goals and adjusted them for the following week. By the end of the year I hit my larger goals of running a half marathon (the first one in 4 years!) and losing 20 pounds. The key for me was breaking down the large goal into manageable chunks. Having a weekly tracker helped to keep me accountable.

This year, treat each new month as a "New Year", as a chance to check in with yourself and your needs to realign yourself with your goals. Keep yourself and your needs in focus to make 2020 a productive and happy year!

Happy Organizing!



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