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Clutter-free Holiday & Cyber Monday Deals!

Maintaining a clutter-free home is a constant struggle. For every item you bring into your home, you need to remove at least one item to create balance. But how do you survive the holidays, with the barrage of gifts that will be headed to your home? Doing a good purge for the holidays is always helpful to make room for new things entering your home. However, the easiest method is to as for clutter-free gifts!

For starters, a gift is clutter-free if it will be replacing an item that recently broken or was worn out. Since this gift is a replacement, it won't clutter your home. You can create wishlists online through sites such as so that you can share with your friends and family what items you or your family could really use.

As you are making your wish list, make sure you you include experiences your your list. Memberships to museums or tickets to events are gifts that don't take up space but make great memories. Today you can get a $60 discount on a Regal Unlimited Membership. Get unlimited movies for the year at your local Regal Cinema. (My husband got this as an early Christmas/Birthday gift this weekend. He's already used it twice!)

If you are like most of my clients and have boxes of old home videos you need to convert, consider having them digitalized through a service like Legacybox, who is also having a Cyber Sale today. My siblings and I did this for my parents one year and my parents were very happy with the customer service and the quality of the product. And my siblings and I were exciting to see converted slides we had never seen my parents in their youth.

You can also transform some clutter into a gift, by having a T-shirt quilt made. This year, I took advantage of a Black Friday weekend sale and purchased a T-shirt quilt for my college-bound son. and are both offering a 40% discount through today.

A great gift for a busy family is a subscription to a meal planning app like Plan to Eat. Plan to Eat collects and organizes your recipes that you can then add to their meal planning calendar and with a click of button have a grocery list made for you! (Disclaimer: I do get a small referral fee if you sign up, but I do LOVE and use this app myself!) A subscription to Plan to Eat is 50% off today.

Other great clutter-free gifts are donations to non-profits that are meaningful to the recipient. Or consider making a gifts, such as a photobook or a photo slide show of highlights from the year.

What clutter-free gifts are you requesting or gifting this year?

~Happy Organizing!



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