• Colleen Lamb McDonnell

An Open Letter to my Future Organizing Clients

Dear Future Client,

I know this isn't easy for you... to ask for help... to pay for help to deal with the clutter that has made it's way into your life.

I understand your hesitation. It must be scary to invite a stranger into your home and show her your "stuff". The stuff you've accumulated. The stuff you meant to do. The stuff you inherited. The stuff you have been avoiding. The stuff that is getting in the way of your best life.

I get it. It's hard to make the call to get help. You don't want to feel judged. Sharing your secret exposes a vulnerable side of yourself. You may feel embarrassed needing help for what other people seem to manage effortlessly.

What will I think of you?

As a Social Worker turned Professional Organizer, I am happy to share with you that when I meet with you, the first thing I see is not your stuff. Not your mess. Not your piles.

The first thing I always see is a person on the cusp of change.

I see a person who has pulled herself out of depression and is now ready to change her environment.

I see a person who is so giving with their time that they may have overstretched themselves in the community and their home has suffered.

I see a person putting their life together after a divorce or a death, who has taken a step to move forward.

I see a stressed or overstretched mother or professional or has decided to make self-care a priority.

I see a person who has struggled with ADHD and is open to learning organizing methods that work with their ADHD.

When I come out to help you come up with a plan, I will see you. And I will be in awe that something has changed in your life that you are now open for help. Helping you organize your home to make you feel more in control of your life is my goal. It would be privilege to witness your transformation.


Colleen McDonnell


(717) 514-9494

Harrisburg, PA  USA

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