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Life is full of responsibilities.  How do we balance it all?   How do we make sure that we are keeping up with our homes and our commitments, while still spending time on things that sustain us?  The answer is by working on our life/work balance DAILY.

So how exactly does this work?

Start by making a list of everything you should ideally do in a week.  I call this my BMI---the bare minimum needed to prevent insanity.  It's not that each area needs to be finished completely, but I need to have spent some time in each of these areas so I don't feel l am drowning.  For me this includes laundry, meal planning, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, doing my banking, and spending time on my paperwork.


Now make a list of all the things you need to do that help you find balance, peace, and purpose and be healthy.  This could include making time for spiritual reading, doing volunteer work, exercise, meditating, connecting with friends, and avoiding sugar.

Now that you have a list of necessary tasks and good habits you want in your life, decide which tasks need to be completed daily and which are weekly.  Start assigning these habits to specific days of the week or to your daily task list.

For example, my Mondays include meal planning, grocery shopping, and scheduling my clients.  My daily list includes doing a load of wash, cleaning the kitchen, exercising, and reading.

Once you have your habit tracker filled in, start checking off your completed items.  The goal here is not to be perfect. The goal is to have an awareness of what you need to do each week to feel be able to identify your achievements and shortcomings each week so that you are mindful of the areas you need to work on.  Each new week is a blank slate, a opportunity to reassess and recommit to your priorities.  Each week is an opportunity to improve.

What I love about my habit tracker is that I don't feel like I have to do EVERYTHING everyday.  Everyday I start with a plan and it allows me to be focused to get things done.   I can turn a blind eye to a messy living room when I know I have it on my schedule for the next day.  I can not feel guilty when some of my habits are fun ones, because those tasks help me have the energy to complete the dreaded ones!

I hope you find this useful!  Let me know what you think!






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